Public bike infrastructure

About Bike Fixation

Bike Fixtation was borne from real-world necessity. During a bachelor party pub crawl in 2009, our founders were riding their bikes on a Saturday evening around 7 PM. One of the participants got a flat but no one had a patch kit or a tube in that size, and no bike shops were open. That experience demonstrated how much infrastructure is in place for cars but not for cyclists - we saw this as an opportunity.

Our vision then was to enable everyone to maintain their bikes and make small repairs themselves, and to be able to install the parts they buy from us whenever needed. We designed our products to make that vision a reality.

Chad Triumphs

Chad DeBaker

Co-Founder, President, Product Development, Operations

Chad brings over a decade as a mechanical design engineer, his passion for cycling, and his vision to Bike Fixation. He creates world class products focused on solving real world problems and excels at innovation. He is passionate about quality and elegance in design.

Andy on bike

Andy Lambert

Sales & Marketing Manager

Andy is passionate about doing work that makes bicycling more accessible to everyone. When he's not preaching the Bike Fixation gospel, he's out riding his bike, working on house projects, or teaching at the Minneappalachian Clogging School.

Jeff with bike racks

Jeff Swanner

Lead Fabricator

Jeff is a wizard with a welder and a guru with the grinder. Jeff does all of our metal fabrication in house. He is strict about quality and prefers the aesthetic beauty of a nicely laid TIG weld. In his spare time, he is an accomplished bass fiddle player.

Dan with bike vending machine

Dan "Knuckles" Johnson

Production Manager/Hired Muscle

Dan ensures Bike Fixation products are assembled correctly, pass our quality tests, and ship on time. He also manages installations of our products. In Dan's spare time, he makes some really cool pottery.