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Vertical Bike Rack

Made in the USA

When floor space is at a premium, and you want to maximize the bike density of an area, the vertical rack is a perfect solution using the wall space to efficiently park bikes. The vertical system can be mounted into the floor, is available in single or doubled sided configurations, and can be modular to create larger scale bike parking.



$323.20 - $937.64

  • For temporary mounting in existing concrete
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Vertical Rack - Customer Installation 1

Product Specifications

Bike Fixation representatives can assist with custom layout and spacing to meet your room dimensions and desired bike capacity.

For more information, download the Vertical Rack PDF

Bike SpacingCeiling HeightFootprint with Bikes
8043: 3-bike, locking18"84"54×46"
8023: 3-bike, non-locking18"84"54×46"
8044: 4-bike, locking18"84"72×46"
8024: 4-bike, non-locking18"84"72×46"
8063: 6-bike, locking18"84"54×90"
8033: 6-bike, non-locking18"84"54×90"
8064: 8-bike, locking18"84"72×90"
8034: 8-bike, non-locking18"84"72×90"


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