Public bike infrastructure


What is the difference between your 6200 and 6400 series grid racks?

While the design and dimensions are exactly the same, the key differences are in the manufacturing and finishing. Our 6200 series is completed welded and then electroplated with an UltraSeal finish. This adds superior durability for those who want an all-season rack. For those that have tighter budgets, the 6400 series is riveted with a G90 pre-galvanized finish for a more short-term storage option.

Why are there different bend radiuses for your Wave Racks?

Each installation location is different. For those that have a larger space, we have our 9-inch radius bend racks. The larger bends allow for more clearance between bikes and easier access for parking and locking. But not all designated bike parking locations are equal. If you need a smaller footprint, try one of our racks with the 6-inch bend. Not quite the room allowed with the larger bend, but still works great for parking the required number of bikes.

What are the differences between your various finish options? Are there price differences?

There are many options for finishes depending on your application and budget. Below is a handy chart that lists the differences:

Finishes and Benefits chart

There are price differences, so please fill out a quote request or contact our technical specialists.

What are the shipping lead times for your products?

Most of our products are shipped within 1-2 weeks of an order being placed. Custom options and larger quantities may take longer. It doesn't hurt to ask by requesting a quote or contacting our logistics specialist at or 800-783-7257 ext. 154

Are replacement parts and tools available for your public work stands and pumps?

Yes. The most common replacement parts can be ordered directly from our website, and for all other parts you can contact us directly.

Do you offer installation for your products?

Unfortunately, we are only the designer and manufacturer of our products and do not offer installation, however we do have a network of experienced installers that we are happy to connect you with. Please contact us at or 800-783-7257 ext. 154.

What is the warranty on your products?

All Bike Fixation products carry a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. The specifics (fine print) are located on our warranty page.

What custom options are available, either branding or color?

We offer custom branding options for many of our products and can mock up your logo so you can see what it would look like. Just email us your logo in either a vector format or .pdf. For colored racks, we offer 12 different colors at no additional charge, and can match any RAL color for a small surcharge.

What kind of layout services do you provide?

We offer free layouts and mock-ups upon request. You can submit either a CAD formatted drawing, or just a cocktail napkin sketch with measurements. Pictures of the location also help us to identify any other conflicts like overhead pipes, ductwork, utilities, closets, etc.

Do I need anchoring kits?

In most cases, you will need to anchor the rack to the ground. There are a few racks, like our stretch, city, and stadium racks that have a free standing option. Each product page on our website will list whether the rack is freestanding or requires anchoring.

What does APBP stand for?

APBP stands for "Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals." The organization is made up of transportation planners, city coordinators, and industry leaders that help create bike parking standards, best practices and recommendations. When we design products, we strive to ensure that they meet these standards, so that form is aligned with function.